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1. At the beginning of each week write a list of goals you want to complete. Review that list throughout each day to up productivity.


2. Soda can be used to remove grease stains from clothing.

3. Add ginger to a warm bath to help fight cold symptoms.

4. Save money each year by vowing to only order water to drink while dining out.

5. Pineapple juice soothes coughs more effectively than cough syrup due to having Bromelain.


6. Highly stressed? Diffuse citrus oils. Citrus is a natural stress reliever.

7. Worried about a double chin in pictures? Stick your head out slightly more to decrease the appearance of a double chin.

8. Need to remove sweat stains? Try lemon juice.

9. Clogged bathroom drain? Mix baking soda and vinegar together and pour the mixture down the drain to unclog it.

10. Want whiter teeth? Break open activated charcoal capsules and use the powder as toothpaste.

11. If you think someone is lying, watch for hand movement and voice change.

12. Wonder where all your money goes? Keep a financial diary and write down each purchase for one month to find your answer.

13. Need to kill weeds? Spray them with white vinegar.

14. Expensive, long distance flight? Book flights in segments instead of bundled to save serious cash.

15. Want the best deal when booking a cruise? Call the cruise line directly and ask for the cheapest option possible, works like a charm!

16. Too much to drink? Add a Pedialyte powder packet to your water for instant hydration.

17. New jeans turning your skin blue? Wash them with salt to seal in the dye.

18. Rub vinegar on a barcode sticker to instantly remove it without any sticky residue being left behind.

19. Starting to feel the itch of a fresh bug bite? Rub a stick of glue on it to permanently relieve the itching.

20. Nervous while giving a presentation? Find a focal point in the room and look at it while speaking to calm nerves.

21. Add a destination onto your trip without paying for another flight by looking for a flight with a long layover. This way you have the opportunity to visit the city with the long layover.

22. Save money on designer attire by renting it from an online retailer instead of purchasing.

23. Dry hair? Warm olive oil in the microwave then place it on ends for thirty minutes. Then rinse, shampoo, and condition.


24. Dark circles under your eyes? Place two spoons in the freezer until frozen, then place under eyes.

25. Drink a glass of milk to soothe heartburn.

26. Dry skin? Drink more water.

27. Check out restaurants websites for free appetizers or desserts in exchange for signing up for email promotions.

28. Self-tanner will go on flawlessly if mixed in with body oil or lotion.

29. Before waxing or shaving exfoliate to avoid ingrown hairs.

30. Always buy outdoor furniture at the end of the season for best deals.

31. Buy shoes out of season to save money.


32. Be rewarded for spending on everyday items by shopping around for a credit card to offers the best rewards.

33. Up your credit score by taking out a small loan or opening a store based credit card and pay it off each month.

34. When traveling, always bring a reusable tumbler instead of paying for expensive bottled water.

35. Ask locals what their favorite restaurant is to experience the best, non-touristy food options.

36. Buy Christmas decor the day after Christmas for cheapest prices.

37. Before boarding a flight, ask the gait attendant if any business or first class seats are available for upgrade. If so, you might score a first class seat for free.

38. Don’t waste groceries and money by using a meal delivery service instead.

39. Unexpected pimple? Place toothpaste on it before bed to reduce redness and swelling.

40. When checking into a hotel, ask the front desk attendant if any upgraded rooms are available.
Sometimes you can score a free upgrade.

41. When in a large city, use a bicycle rental service instead of taxi or Uber to save money and meet daily exercise goals.

42. Park at the end of the parking lot to increase daily step numbers.

43. Trying to loose weight? Pick two days a week to cut out sodas, carbs, and sugars.

44. Save room when packing for a flight by sticking beauty products into rolled up socks.

45. Save time each morning by organizing outfits for the week at the end of each weekend.

46. Save money by attending a daytime showing at the cinema instead of weekend nighttime showings.

47. Make-up no longer match? Mix two colors together.

48. Take all unworn clothing to a consignment shop to create space in your closet and make extra money.

49. Restless at bedtime? Charge your phone in another room and put it away thirty minutes before bed.

50. Save money and resources by carpooling with someone in your neighborhood.

51. Ask your bank about a Christmas Club Savings Account. A free, easy way to save money all year long.


52. Limited make-up options? Use blush or a highlighter for eyeshadow.

53. Save money by committing to one month of money free date nights instead of expensive nights out.

54. When bananas are starting to turn bad save them by freezing them for smoothies.

55. Save money on beauty services by visiting a beauty school instead.

56. Fresh stain on your shirt you’re afraid might permanently stain? Spray it with hairspray ASAP.

57. Leave an old toothbrush in the shower to clean grout with.

58. Sleep on a silk pillowcase for smoother hair.

59. Brush your teeth before your first cup of coffee in the morning to avoid stains.

60. When wanting to pursue someone, look into their right eye while talking to them.

61. Notice a bill on the rise like your cell phone? Call the company and ask what can be done for a guaranteed lower bill for one year. Typically the company is eager to help you.

62. Zinc is a natural immune system booster. Take extra zinc during flu season to keep flu away.

63. Shopping typically slows down during summer months, always look for awesome buys during this time.

64. Grapefruit oil is a natural mosquito repellent.

65. When removing makeup wipe up to avoid premature wrinkles.

66. When sinuses are stuffy, boil water with a teaspoon of salt. Once boiling, breathe in steam for relief.

67. No makeup remover wipes? Wet a washcloth and put lotion on it for a gentle makeup remover.

68. Boiling pasta and can’t tell if it’s done? Toss one noodle on the wall and if it sticks it’s done.

69. Don’t know what to do with old books? Donate them to your local homeless shelter.

70. Feeling down? Physical activity triggers the brain to release mood-boosting endorphins.

71. Lavender oil sprinkled into shoes will knock out any odors.

72. If the brim of your hat is bent, steam it, then place books on the brim and leave it overnight. Perfectly straight by morning.

73. During long flights wear compression socks to avoid leg and foot cramps.

74. On Sunday’s check your local grocery story for clearance fresh flowers. These make the perfect dining room table display.

75. When picking out comforters and quilts look for one size larger than what your bed is. This will make your bed look larger than what it really is.

76. When hanging curtains be sure to hang them near the ceiling instead of near the window. This creates the illusion of length and makes a room look larger.

77. White interior decor is an easy way to make any space look clean and modern.

78. When consulting with someone in conversation, summarize what they said to you to earn their trust.

79. Need to dispose of old linens? Your local animal shelter will gladly take them.

80. Green hair from the pool? Add one half of a teaspoon of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid to your shampoo to dismiss green tones.

81. New year model automobiles hit the market in July and August. Making this the best time to buy a new automobile for the current or previous year.

82. Your microwave is self-cleaning. Place one cup of water and vinegar in, and then start the steam option. When finished, take a paper towel and all debris will easily wipe away.

83. Cold showers reduce hair loss while hot showers helps with swelling.

84. Eating an orange before a workout can help avoid muscle soreness.


85. Dried out mascara? Add 4-6 drops of eye drops and it will be as good as new.

86. Want your home to feel welcoming? Light a candle.


87. By pressing 9 when a telemarketer calls it will automatically place you on the “do not call list.”

88. When baking, half of a banana can substitute for an egg.

89. Use nail polish remover to remove any scuffs on shoes.

90. Chocolate milk is as effective as an energy drink for giving you an energy boost.

91. For the best deal buy interior furniture in January.

92. Saran Wrap beauty products such as shampoo before packing them. That way if they are damaged they won’t leak onto your other items.

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