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Disney is the happiest place on earth, but you always feel like you forgot to bring something. Just use this list to make sure nothing gets left behind!

1. Disney Magic Bands

Can’t go anywhere without those.

2. Portable battery charger

Never run out of juice!

3. Thick Sharpies

Essential for autographs.

4. An autograph book

Consider bringing a book with all of the Disney characters pictured.

5. Bag of toys

Especially if you’re driving, you need to keep the kids entertained.

6. Bug repellent

You don’t want itchy bug bites!

7. Sunscreen

Don’t get burnt.

8. Lip balm

Your lips will probably get dry from the heat.

9. Tide to Go pen

Clean up any mess.

10. Soap bag

Wet slimy soap is annoying.

11. Camera

Capture every part of your trip.

12. Dress up clothes

The kids will love dressing up like their favorite characters.

13. Packing cubes

Organize your suitcase based on family member.

14. Lightweight duffle bags

These are awesome for carrying all of your souvenirs.

15. Swim suit cover up

You’ll be way more comfortable.

16. Crystal Light

Flavor up your water.

17. Battery powered night light

No getting scared in the night.

18. Glow sticks

Light the way with fun!

19. Comfortable shoes

You’re going to be doing a lot of walking.

20. Pop up hamper

Keep your dirty laundry all together.

21. Power strip

Power all of your electronics

22. Cooler backpack

Carry drinks for the whole family and keep them cold.

23. Collapsible water bottle

It’s easy storage when it’s empty.

24. Electronics bag

Keep everything in eye sight.

25. Harness backpack

Keep those kids from running away.

26. Dried snacks

Keep everyone energized and full in between meals.

27. Folding potty seat

Make potty time easier.

28. Carabiner clips

Hang up hats and other things.

29. Ziploc bags

Take a bunch of different sizes.

30. Bluetooth printer

Print of your pictures every day.

31. Ponchos

Stay dry!

32. Stroller cover

Keep your babies protected.

33. Waterproof phone case

Save your phone from certain depth.

34. Parade blanket

Bring something to sit on for parades

35. Brita water filter jug

This is awesome for the hotel room.

36. Water bottle mister fan

Keep yourself cool.

37. Downey wrinkle releaser

Keep your clothes looking their best.

38. Bottled water

Freeze it the night before and enjoy cold water all day.

39. Wet wipes

Clean up all the messes.

40. Mouse ears

mickey and minnie

No Disney trip is complete without these.

41. Hand sanitizer

Keep your hands clean.

42. Family shirts

You can all match!

43. Bright bandana

Keep it on your stroller to identify it easier.

44. Bag of pipe cleaners

Kids can craft while waiting.

45. Plastic shower curtain

It can be used as a parade blanket and a protection for everyone from rain.

46. Ear plugs

Sometimes you need to drown out the happiness.

47. Socks

Keep your water cold and prevent condensation.

48. Drip free popsicle holder

Stay ahead of the mess.

49. Post-it notes

You can cover up the toilet sensor if that irritates your kids.

50. Pre-printed address labels

Makes post cards even easier.

51. Mini M&M bottles

Fill one with quarters and one with pennies.

52. Moleskin

This will make blisters so much less painful.

53. Sunglasses

Shade the brightness.

54. Umbrella

Be prepared for surprise showers.

55. Glow paint

Decorate your kids and let them glow in the dark.

56. Bubble wand

Your kids will love this.

57. Multiple changes of clothes

Make sure you always have backups for your kids.

58. Comfortable clothes

You don’t want to be adjusting all day.

59. USB wall chargers

These are becoming more popular.

60. Compression bag

Save space in your suitcase.

61. Neck wallet

Keep your money always safe.

62. Scent to put in bag

Bring a scent to associate with your vacation.

63. Swimmers towel

Dry off faster.

64. Hanging collapsible shelf

Keep your hotel room organized.

65. Disney Band-Aids

Just in case.

66. Over the door pocket shoe holder

Don’t lose your shoes!

67. Bobble water bottles

These have a filter built right in.

68. Collapsible Tupperware containers

Organize your snacks.

69. Body glide

Prevent chaffing.

70. Cheap flip flops

These are needed for water areas to keep your tennis shoes dry.

71. Chewing gum

This helps in between meals

72. Glow stick bracelets

packing for disney

Keep track of your kids in the dark.

73. Stroller

This will make things way easier.

74. Deodorant wipes

Stay fresh all day.

75. First Aid Kit

An absolutely necessity.

76. Tablet

Another method of entertaining the kids.

77. Travel dish wipes

Clean out your bottles in between drinks.

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